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A little bit of info about theWub


theWub is a company founded on the bases of creating the perfect gaming experience. It is currently starting as a Minecraft server/hosting company, but we have big plans for it in the future, most likely developing things for games other than Minecraft.


theWub is backed by seasoned programmers with years of experience under their belt. Because of this, we are able to create anything we think of, if it's possible, we can do it. The problem is the time it takes to do things, but that's where you come in.


theWub needs hard working talented people to become a reality in the near future. With your help, we can create an innovation that will quickly rise to the top of the industry and become an icon of the game. Apply now to become part of this amazing project!

The Team

Meet the team!

Andrew Howard (drew6017)


Mick Arias (FinnDaniels)


We are all dedicated hard working people here at theWub who's goal is too provide the best experience possible to players.